Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Blog Launch

I decided to pull the trigger on this blog today.

Last week I went to a great presentation by DK - a lovely British chap with a Welsh accent who currently hails from New Zealand.   The event was part of Mamalode's Learn As You Go series, and I try to attend all of them.  Not only because they are interesting, but because I love to support my dear friends in their startup endeavors at Mamalode - we entrepreneurs gotta stick together.

Back to DK - he opened with the premise that the best and cheapest thing you can do for yourself and your business, from a social media standpoint, it have a blog - at least one, at that.  And Elke, the founder of Mamalode, has told me over and over again to get a blog, and register my name as the domain, already".

So I did.  I sat there in that presentation, got on GoDaddy on my phone (easy mobile interface) and I bought a few URLs... this being one of them.

And then I'm thinking - Now what?

Today I had a great meeting with Amanda Larrinaga of Modern Entrepreneur.  We are so lucky to have her gracing the streets of Missoula right now.   She is young, smart and feisty.  To put up with my near panic attack and "analysis paralysis" over starting a blog and getting on with the social marketing campaign for my startup, GatherBoard - well, that's saying something.

I said something like "right now I need a barrista, a life coach, a mentor, a social marketing consultant, a babysitter, a cheerleader, a whip-cracker and a cocktail waitress in one - can you do that?"

Without so much as skipping a beat, and while making a joke about getting me a coffee and then a martini, she consistently, confidently and logically talked me through re-framing my views on the social media marketing space.  I don't want to be a part of the clutter, the noise and the annoyance.  If I am going to create and contribute, I'd like it to be meaningful and worthwhile. She explained that just by having those feelings, being mindful and wanting engaging contribution, I will not be just part of the noise - a "black hole" as I was so affectionately calling it.

And then we got here on Blogger, started my blog, then tied in the DNS to GoDaddy - and waited about 10-minutes - voila!

I'm not totally sure where this blog will take us.  Definitely work stuff, life stuff, work-life balance stuff, kid stuff, gardening/cooking/hunting/food stuff, books, art, mountain-life recreation stuff... it'll all be here.

I've taken the liberty of back posting a few pieces I've written the past few years... take a gander.  Cook up some Chard Pesto.  Weep with me on a hunting trip.  Join my apricot family.  Then come back for more.



  1. Good for you Molly! I think lots of people jump into blogging thinking it's super easy... and it is, sort of, as far as thinking "Oh, I'll just write something and throw it out there" goes. The harder part is not becoming "noise" like you say. There are so many people out there that post things that are - oooh, for lack of a better way to put it - my cup of tea. But I agree with Amanda. If you use your internal compass as your guide to content, then you won't just be creating white noise.

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